March 13, 2021

Middle of the Day Guy

The kids are gawking at me like I’m Forrest Gump. Sitting on a bench waiting for a bus that never seems to arrive, I could pass for Gump except, Gump had more class. Me, I’m more like an unemployed accountant with a faux leather briefcase filled with wouldas, couldas and shouldas. Middle of the day, sittin’ on the bench guy, that’s who I am now.

I give the kids my best middle of the day guy evil glare but that only seems to encourage their attention. Instead of cringing in fear, they start laughing at me like I am Bozo the clown, though it is doubtful even one of them knows about Bozo. Kids today have no sense of history, no respect for the past. I should yell at them to mind their manners, tell them that Bozo was the funniest guy on TV back in the day and that Krusty the clown is a chump by comparison. That would get their attention. But before I can open my mouth to start in on my defence for my man Bozo, a bus pulls up to the curb and hauls the little bastards away. That’s lucky for them since I don’t much like being laughed at these days.

As I watch their bus pull away, one of the little trolls hoists his middle finger in salute at me. The old me would have flown into a fit of rage and chased the little bastards down the street with a baseball bat, but the new me, middle of the day guy me, isn’t about rage and anger, he’s about pondering the big picture. I had never had the time to think big picture thoughts before. Back when I worked for Nesbitt Burke & Reid, such thinking was frowned upon. But that was yesterday, or more precisely three hours ago. I am a different person now. A free agent.

To be continued…

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